Canney Brook Engineering and Consulting, LLC provides independent technical investigative solutions to businesses, industry, and the legal profession. Solutions mitigate risk, protect financial assets, and assist asset recovery. Canney Brook provides services primary in New England and New York. Canney Brook accepts assignments throughout the US and Canada when Canney Brook's experts can provide unique and exceptional value to clients. 

Our forensic engineering and fire and explosion analyses include investigation of reasonable alternative origin and cause hypotheses. Scene evidence is documented and hypotheses are tested to substantiate or disprove different hypotheses as a cause or contributory effect. This inductive-deductive procedure insures our reporting to is accurate, reasonable, scientifically based and defensible against challenges. Disproved hypotheses are explained and hypotheses supported by evidence are accepted, prepared, and advanced. 

Canney Brook collaborates with clients, keeps clients informed, and provides clients with decision making information. This information allows a client to procede competently based on the event's evidence. Investigations which have been compromised by spoliation are well documented to preserve the clients rights. 
Since losses reflect a wide range of financial, social, and physical implications, investigation are individually tailored to the clients needs. Efficient deployment of resources insures all clients receive value based outcomes. Collaborative strategies are employed which mitigate complex exposure risks, provide knowledge based advantage, and increase or preserve financial returns.

Our experts are recognized leaders in their fields based on experience, education, competence, and diligence. Our investigations and reporting protocols insure our experts deliver compelling evidence based opinions as to the origin and cause on an event. 

Our Commitment

Canney Brook provides clients a high level of measurable value. We at Caney Brook are committed to providing independent accurate information by which clients can make informed decisions. During investigations we may evaluate and suggest alternative solutions which mitigate damages suffered and provide enhanced outcomes. Our proactive approach and years of experience ensure that assignments will be completed on schedule and on-budget. 

Our record
Our consistent record of uncompromising ethics instills confidence and trust. Our staff responds quickly when retained, acts on behalf of the client, and remains available throughout the investigation and litigation.

Accurate, Complete, and Cost Effective Solutions

Forensic Engineering

Fire and Explosion Origin and Cause

Strategic Business Risk Management

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